Join the library

Library membership is free.

Anyone of any age who lives, works or studies within South Ayrshire can join our library service. Membership is free.

Join the library online registration

If you already have a library card and just require a PIN code please contact:

If you live in South Ayrshire

You will have to provide suitable ID when you join. This should be something with your name and home address on, e.g. a utility bill or driving licence.

If you only work in South Ayrshire

Suitable ID would be something with name and home address on, e.g. a utility bill or driving licence. Plus you must show us a payslip or work ID that shows you work for a South Ayrshire company, business or organisation.

If you only study in South Ayrshire

Suitable ID would be something with name and home address on, e.g. a utility bill or driving licence. Plus you must show us a student ID that shows you are studying at a South Ayrshire based education facility e.g. UWS, Ayr College etc.

General Data Protection Regulations

When you become a library member you will need to provide us with some personal data. For more information about these rights please see the full privacy notice.

Visitors to the library

Long term visitors holidaying / working in South Ayrshire are entitled to join, but for a maximum period of 3 months. Visitors however, are not entitled to borrow from our DVD collection. Suitable ID would be something with your name and home address, plus proof of your holiday address.

Regular visitors who holiday in South Ayrshire year after year: see above.

Anyone who has a second home in South Ayrshire and therefore pays council tax on that home is entitled to join the library as a full member. Suitable ID would be proof of council tax payment. However, you will need to renew your membership annually and provide proof of council tax payment.

"One off" visitors can use our public access PCs only, as long as you can provide suitable ID. e.g. passport, driving licence, ID card.

What else can I do as a library member?

As well as being able to borrow books, magazines, DVDs, download eBooks and audiobooks, magazines and newspapers you will also get free access to Wi-Fi and computers in all South Ayrshire Libraries. You will also have free access to a range of online information sources and resources.

South Ayrshire Library cards are only valid in South Ayrshire Libraries

More than just books!

Our libraries are not just about books, they are also used for lots of different activities including: book groups, exhibitions and displays, talks, author visits and fun story times, crafts and competitions to keep our younger readers busy, Carnegie even has a resident "knitting and nattering" group. You can keep up-to-date with all these activities, library news and events by visiting our library blog or our events calendar.

Joining information for children

It's free to join the library. Everyone can join - however young. It's easy, ask a member of staff for a form, get the person who looks after you (legal guardian) to fill it in, return it to your nearest library and you will receive your library card.

If the person who has signed your form is not a library member we will need some proof of identity for example an old telephone bill, gas bill or child benefit book.

You can use your library card in any South Ayrshire Library to borrow books, download eBooks and use online resources for free. There is a small charge for borrowing DVDs.

Renewing your library membership

For Data Protection purposes, your library membership is set to expire every 2 years and you will need to reactivate your account with us by confirming your details again by phone or in person at your local library. If you are a regular online services user you may only discover this when your library card and PIN longer appears to be working. To reactivate your account please contact us on