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Political structure

The political make-up of the council following the last local elections on 4 May 2017.

PartyNumber of councillors

Ward 1 - Troon

  • Councillor Peter Convery (Conservative) 
  • Councillor Craig Mckay (SNP)
  • Councillor Bob Pollock (Conservative)
  • Councillor Philip Saxton (Labour)

Ward 2 - Prestwick

  • Councillor Ian Cochrane (SNP)
  • Councillor Hugh Hunter (Conservative)
  • Provost Helen Moonie (Labour)
  • Councillor Margaret Toner (Conservative)

Ward 3 - Ayr North

  • Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield (SNP)
  • Councillor Douglas Campbell (SNP)
  • Councillor Ian Cavana (Labour)
  • Councillor Ian Davis (Conservative)

Ward 4 - Ayr East

  • Councillor Chris Cullen (SNP)
  • Councillor Mary Kilpatrick (Conservative)
  • Councillor Brian McGinley (Labour)

Ward 5 - Ayr West

  • Councillor Siobhan Brown (SNP)
  • Councillor Martin Dowey (Conservative)
  • Councillor Lee Lyons (Conservative)
  • Councillor Derek McCabe (Conservative)

Ward 6 - Kyle

  • Councillor Andy Campbell (Labour)
  • Councillor Julie Dettbarn (SNP)
  • Councillor Arthur Spurling (Conservative)

Ward 7 - Maybole, North Carrick and Coylton

  • Councillor Ian Campbell (Conservative)
  • Councillor Brian Connelly (Independent)
  • Councillor William Grant (SNP)

Ward 8 - Girvan and South Carrick

  • Councillor Alec Clark (Independent)
  • Councillor Ian Fitzimmons (Conservative)
  • Councillor Peter Henderson (SNP)