Work out!

The Work Out! programme provides supported vocational placements to young people in S4 - S6 in a range of occupational areas across the council, community planning partners and local businesses.

The extended work experience programme has been designed to provide a range of experiences for the young person and to help develop them holistically in relation to their employability, communication skills and working with others.


"I took part in the Work out! programme with a plumber in Girvan I started going out with them once a week and really enjoyed it. I quickly realised that I enjoyed working with my hands and was good at it so I worked hard to show I was keen. Despite working with a plumber, I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship in joinery and four years later, I passed my trade test and I'm now a fully qualified joiner, with a full-time permanent job. "

For more information contact:

Tel: 01292 612301


Newton House
30 Green Street Lane