Public conveniences

From Monday 19 October 2020, we will reintroduce a 30p charge across our public conveniences that are fitted with coin mechanisms and paddle gates.

Since the beginning of lockdown all of our public conveniences have been free to use, due to restrictions around uplifting money. We're now in a position to uplift money safely, so we are reintroducing the 30p charge which goes towards the management, maintenance and operation of these facilities.

Our main priority is to make sure that everyone who uses our public conveniences can do so safely, and you can help us to do this by adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

In order to ensure physical distancing, it has been necessary to limit the number of cubicles and sinks available for use in some of our facilities. Regular enhanced cleaning will be adhered to throughout the day. Please be patient with our attendants during these times.

You can find more information on public conveniences in South Ayrshire here.