Information requests

Making an Information Request

With  the ongoing impact of the Covid -19 virus and the pressure on us all to provide vital public services, South Ayrshire Council is continuing to adhere to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) legislation. This is challenging due to staff shortages, access to our buildings to obtain information (paper files) and the redeploying of our staff to essential/critical Services.

South Ayrshire Council continues to follow the advice from the Scottish Information Commissioner with regards to FOISA during this time, and how to manage the requests and the expectations of our requestor's. For requests made under FOISA the statutory time scale for provision of information has been increased to 60 working days.

Before progressing with your request we ask you to consider if you have searched our website for your information, or if you could possibly postpone your request until such times as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has subsided, and our staff are back to business as usual.

If you would like to submit a request, we will do all that we can to obtain the information for you within the timescale of 60 working days (as increased by the Scottish Government during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak).  However, many of our staff are working from home, or are not in their usual places of work, and this may impact the collating of your information, making it difficult or impossible at times to source. The FOI Team will provide feedback to you should this be the case.

We will continue to take the advice of the Scottish Information Commissioner on FOISA requests and will update accordingly.  Please see the Scottish Information Commissioners website for more information and advice