Housing and property maintenance

Important Information for Tenants

We know that these are increasingly worrying and stressful times, and we are continuing to monitor and respond to the situation.

We are making available critical and essential services to support and reassure you where we can, while also ensuring that our staff are protected, taking account of national guidance and directives.  This means that the delivery of non-essential services is currently postponed.  This will allow us to use our available staff resources to focus on the most vulnerable in our properties, homeless people and homeless households living in temporary accommodation.

Following UK and Scottish Government Announcements, we would ask that:

You observe the measures to 'stay at home' and do not have any visitors to your property.

If you require to leave your home for one of the reasons agreed by the Government (see below), we would ask that you follow the guidance on social distancing, stayng 2 metres (6 feet) away from anyone outside of your household. Please follow the guidance on handwashing. 

Reasons for leaving your home:

1. Shopping for basic necessities only, such as food and medicine.  This should be done as infrequently as possible;

2. Exercise once a day, either alone or with a member of your household;

3. Medical attention;

4. Travelling to and from work.

Thank you for your cooperation.