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SQA Statement on Exams for Session 2020-21 - 16th October 2020

On Wed 7th October the Deputy First Minister announced the arrangements and changes for the May 2021 exam diet. Information can be found at:

Are private-run nurseries closing?

From 26 December, formal childcare settings should open in line with their previously agreed term dates. However, from 26 December attendance in childcare settings should be restricted to:

Vulnerable children and children of key workers only

Parents should contact their private-run nursery for more information.

Can I still send my child to a childminder?

Yes childminders can continue to operate as normal.

Education maintenance allowance

Education Maintenance allowance (EMA) payments will continue for young people. Our staff are working at home and will ensure this continues.

Will I have to teach my child at home?

Parents and carers will support their child's learning at home from 11th -18th January 2021.

Each school/EYC will make arrangements for remote learning, so children and young people can continue with their education during this period. Your school/EYC will inform you of their specific arrangements.

Parent/Carer Survey-Recovery of schools and Early Years Centres August 2020

At the end of May/beginning of June we sought the views of our parents and carers to support our planning for recovery. At this stage the recovery models were based on a 'blended learning' approach between school and home with the results of the survey helping support preparations for a return to learning for children and young people in August.   Following the Depute First Minister announcement on the 18th June the plan is for all children to return to school full time from the 12th August 2020.

Icon for pdf Recovery of Schools and EYC parent survey results overview [103.1KB]

Icon for word Recovery of Schools and EYC parent survey thematic review [103.74KB]

How will my child receive coursework?

Each school is making arrangements for online and paper-based learning, so children and young people can continue with their education during this period of school and nursery closures. Your school will inform you of their specific arrangements.

I don't have internet access or Wi-Fi. How can my child receive course work?

Alternative provisions will be put in place to ensure children and young people who don't have internet access or wi-fi will still receive course work. This is likely to be through printed materials, such as worksheets, taken home by children and young people or delivered to their home.

What if you or your child has health issues or needs additional support?

We are working through the emerging guidance on supporting families who need it most. Please be assured that we will update you on what support is available as quickly as we can.

In the interim, if you face a situation where you become unwell and do not have alternative childcare arrangements, please speak with your school directly for advice and guidance.

What should I do if I or someone in my family contracts coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If you have any symptoms consistent with coronavirus (COVID-19), namely a new continuous cough, a fever/high temperature, or a loss or change in taste or smell, however mild, you must book a coronavirus test as soon as possible and self-isolate immediately for 7 days. 

If you live with others, all other members of the household should stay at home for 14 days. The 14-day period starts from the day illness began in the first person. Detailed stay at home advice can be found at NHS Inform.

To reduce the spread of illness, follow the 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' advice, as well as washing your hands often with soap and water regularly, or use an alcohol based hand rub.