Bins, Recycling and Open Spaces

Changes to our Recycling and Waste Services

There is currently no impact to our domestic waste and recycling collections, however we do ask that all bins are presented by 5.45am as collection times may vary.

From Monday 25th May 2020, Special/Bulky uplifts collections will resume.  The booking system for this has been reinstated and is currently taking bookings.  Click or telephone 0300 123 0900 to book an uplift.  We anticipate there may be high demand for this service initially and booking slots may be taken quickly, however in those instances the system will look for the next available date for your area.

In order to delivery critical services there is a reduction in street sweeping and litter picking.  Completion times for missed bins and bin deliveries may also be affected.

As the situation progresses, services may have to be suspended at short notice, e.g. recycling collections may be disrupted to enable the collection general waste and food waste.  

Household Waste and Recycling Centres

Our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will re-open on Monday 1 June at 8.00am. 

In addition to our HWRCs at Ayr, Girvan, Maybole and Troon, two pop-up sites will also be available in Ayr and Girvan for general black bag waste. 

We expect all of our sites will be extremely busy in the first few weeks of re-opening. No trailers, vans or horse boxes will therefore be permitted within any site before Monday 15th June 2020, unless you have a prepaid commercial permit for our main sites at Maybole, Girvan and Troon.

Our priority is to keep our employees and residents safe while accessing our HWRCs, so to help us to do this we ask that you:

  • Do not go to any of the sites if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19, or is 'shielding' because of an underlying health condition;
  • Bring proof that you live in South Ayrshire in the form of a driving licence, or a council tax bill. If you don't then disposal of waste may be refused;
  • Adhere to the site rules. Make sure only one person steps outside your vehicle to unload it, and adhere to social distancing within the site;
  • Only come along to the sites in the first few days of opening if it's absolutely necessary. We have extended opening hours on our sites from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, so please try to avoid peak times. If your visit to the HWRC can wait a bit longer, then please hold off;
  • Don't bring items that are too big or heavy to handle yourself, as our site attendants will be unable to help you unload your car and dispose of your waste;
  • Sort your waste before you arrive to minimise the time you need to spend on the site;
  • Follow the temporary traffic management and queuing systems which are in place at all sites as there will be a reduced number of vehicles allowed into any site at any one time. Plans for each HWRC will be made available soon on this page;
  • Allow extra time for your trip - it's likely that there will be traffic delays at, and around each site;
  • Do not touch your face and bring sanitiser if you can to clean your hands before you drive away;
  • Be courteous and patient with our staff who are there to help you.

Traffic Management Plans 

You can view our traffic management plan for your local HWRC and pop up sites below. 

Icon for pdf Citadel pop-up site [383.96KB]

Icon for pdf Girvan [329.64KB]

Icon for pdf Girvan pop-up site [237.92KB]

Icon for pdf Heathfield [376.36KB]

Icon for pdf Maybole [452.02KB]

Icon for pdf Troon [295.81KB]

How to Dispose of Household Waste Safely When Self-isolating

We understand that some of you may be concerned about how to get rid of your waste if you are either self-isolating, or confirmed as having coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you are asked to self-isolate, either as a precaution, or because you are confirmed as having coronavirus (COVID-19), please follow this advice to get rid of your household waste safely:

  • Place all personal waste such as, used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, securely in a plastic bag or bin liner;
  • This plastic bag should then be placed into another plastic bag and tied securely;
  • These bags must be stored separately to other waste for at least 72 hours before being placed in the general waste (green bin), or sack if you are on a sack collection;
  • The bagged waste must be contained in your wheeled bin(or sack), and presented at your normal collection point. If possible, please make arrangements for someone who is not self-isolating to take your wheeled bin or sack to your collection point.

After 72 hours, the double bagged waste can be put into your general waste as normal. You only need to follow this process for waste that is heavily contaminated such as, used tissues that have been used to cough into, and cleaning cloths. Regular household recycling and waste should be treated as normal. 

You should always follow NHS handwashing guidance after handling any household waste.  

Information on side waste

Our Waste Management Team is working with a reduced workforce, and as a result, we have had to reduce the number of members in our collection crews to comply with Government guidance on social distancing.

Our priority is to service all bins that are presented for collection, therefore, we are not able to relax our 'no side waste' policy until further notice. Uplifting side waste would greatly slow bin collections down and would mean we wouldn't be able to complete our collection rounds.

What we're asking you to do:

  • Place any bags of general waste or excess materials in the appropriate bin once it has been emptied.  You should repeat this process until further notice;
  • Make sure that you are fully utilising your recycling and food waste bins.  Information on what goes in you bins can be found here;
  • Have your bin out, ready for collection the night before your collection is due, or at the latest, before 5.45am on the day of collection. 

We want to reassure you that if you accumulate a backlog of waste or recycling materials during this time, and you are unable to access our sites when they reopen, we will work with you to help you to clear this.

We are working to keep the public and our employees safe, while continuing to deliver critical services. We appreciate your support and assistance at this time.

    Access to Allotments

    On Monday 30 March 2020, the Scottish Government announced that the decision around keeping allotment sites open during the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken by local authorities.

    We have taken the decision to keep South Ayrshire allotment sites open at the moment.  Plot holders will still be able to access their plots as long as they follow certain conditions.

    If you are a plot holder we need you to:

    • Follow the current government guidelines on personal hygiene and social-distancing;
    • Take hand sanitiser and sanitise, or wash your hands, before and after touching all communal elements such as padlocks, gates, handles, standpipe taps etc.;
    • Make sure you don't share any tools;
    • Minimise the duration of your stay in line with government guidelines which prohibit any person from leaving the place they are living without a reasonable excuse, and bans public gatherings of more than two people. People over the age of 70 are advised to self-isolate.

    Full guidance on staying at home and away from others can be found here.

    Changes are happening often just now so please check this page regularly for updates.